WEBB Balancing Systems



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Complete Balancing System with massive concrete filled rotor drive frame. Rotor drive frame is supported by six custom-made polyurethane filled isolator feet which isolate balancer from outside vibrations and are height adjustable for leveling. Rigid, hard cradle sensing heads are supported with precision NSK linear guides for optimal sensing and minimal signal loss.

Separate shop-hardened operator consol with filtered air pressurized cabinet, houses the computer, sensing electronics and variable frequency drive for rotor drive motor.

HB-72/200 Balancing System Includes:

Mill/Drill and Slide 

Digital Scale

Rod Balance Device 

HP Report Printer

Glidepoint Industrial Mouse Pad 

Industrial Rack-Mount Membrane Keyboard

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State of the art sensing electronics and software.

Developed and built in U.S.A.

Fast, easy rotor set-ups and balance runs using point and tap Windows based balancing software.

Determines out of balance amount, location, size and depth of drill to remove imbalance.

On-machine balance corrections with standard heavy duty gear-head Mill Drill.


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V-6 Bobweights 

V-8 Bobweights 

Harley Davidson Bobweights

Set of Precision Machined Brass Weights


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